I rejoined Instagram a few months ago and now I remember why I left it in the first place. Why does everyone feel the need for validation from others or to post everything about their lives? I honestly cannot fathom what that would be like to live in a headspace where the only joy I felt came from what others thought of me or how many likes I got. Just needed to get that out.

Another thing, HOW PSYCHO ARE THE DEMOCRATS? I think they’re about to put an actual socialist on the ticket because the only way to fight crazy is with more radical crazy? I can’t understand the thought process. If they were smart, it would be Klobuchar or Buttigieg on the ticket. They both seem normal. But nope, they’re going to fight fire with fire and I’m kind of here for it. It’s dangerous for sure, because just going on statistics, a socialist actually has a chance of winning. WHICH IS CRAZY. ACTUAL CRAZY. This entire thing has to be a joke, right? Democracy is dead and so are politics in America. They have been for a while, but it’s obvious now.

And the impeachment trial was such a joke. Impeachment as a serious thing didn’t end a few weeks ago, it ended with President Clinton. He committed actual crimes and was not removed from office. Come at me, Democrats. I would threaten to hurt your children, but you’ve already killed 60 million children, so maybe puppies…? Except, unlike you sociopaths, I only threaten violence, I don’t follow through with it. I am just so OVER the left. Open borders? Cool, I’m moving into your house tomorrow. Free tuition/college loan forgiveness? No one was forced to take out a loan and millions of people have paid off their college debt, including my brother. Socialism? No thanks, I don’t want to stand in line for government cheese. Medicare for all? I’m very happy with my insurance. Green New Deal? I hate to break it to you, but America makes almost no difference on the environment. Look at the other communists, like China. They’re killing the environment.

I could keep going but I think my point has been made. So keep reading for other thoughts, I’m done with the politics for now.

Saw the movie Knives Out yesterday, 9.5/10. Solid movie from Rian Johnson. Also went to a hibachi grill for the first time and that was intense. Lots of anxiety for me because I couldn’t understand the chef and new things can freak me out. BUT THE FOOD WAS SO GOOD. Honestly, I was so impressed and would definitely go again.

HAPPY SUNDAY. Song of the day: Famous For (I Believe) -Tauren Wells, Jenn Johnson. I’ve been really into this song since BOTT.

One thought on “A SOCIALIST PARODY

  1. Joe Fix it says:

    Yeah it’s crazy. But it looks like all the Democrats want sleepy Joe. He going to get clowned by Trump if he wins. Joe looks super uncomfortable in his debates and speeches


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